Roller Skating Lessons

Roller Skating Lessons for Beginners

We offer 2 different style of skating lessons:
Jam Skating & Park Skating

What is the difference?
Knowing the difference will help you decide which style is best for you.

Jam Skating = Dance move vs Park Skating = Ramps and Rails

Please read: The lessons are for skaters that already know the basics of how-to skate, and just want to learn a new style/technique.

First time skating?
No worries, we also offer “Learn how to skate” Lessons.




Instructor: Tatiana Bahamon
Ig: @enlightened_skates


Instructor: Maui Umana
Ig: @sunnygirlmaui


Whether you pick “first time lesson” or “Beginners lessons” during the first lesson, we are going to teach you how to properly set-up your skates and wheels.

This will help improve your comfortability, mobility and knee support, minimizing injuries and maximizing your skating learning process as much possible.

During all lessons, a warm up and stretching session will take place before and after.


What you need?

  • A pair of skates
  • Protection gear (specially if you want to learn Park Skating)


  • A waiver must be signed after booking the lesson.
  • Lessons are $40 per person / per hour.
  • Location can be discussed so it’s convenient for the instructor and you to meet halfway.
  • A $20 deposit (or full payment) it required at time of booking; the rest will be collected during the lesson.


Are you Ready to learn?

Fill out the contact box below and we will get in touch with you to discuss the availability and location.
Select what lesson are you interested on, and let us know what days of the week of you have availability and your location.

If you have any questions, please add them on the box or email us directly at

Roller Skating Lessons
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